AKW have the most prime and efficient locations for storing and managing your goods.

AKW’s Manchester warehousing facility boasts 500,000 square feet of secure storage space, over two sites in Trafford Park. Whatever the volume, we can provide you a storage solution to meet your specific needs. Whether it's long-term, secure warehousing or a place to store ad-hoc seasonal stock, we can take care of it all. With capacity for storage of 60,000 racked and bulk pallets, we offer flexible, cost-effective warehouse storage solutions tailored to your individual needs.

We offer bulk, racked and contracted warehousing. We’re approved by HMRC for wet and dry bonded warehousing and COMAH (lower tier) storage and provide exceptional levels of care, processes and controls. Our bespoke CCTV system with Thermal imaging and Red Scan laser detection means you can trust us to keep your stock safe and secure, for as long as you need us to.

The quality of your goods is as important to us as it is to you. All items entering or leaving our storage warehouse are treated with the highest levels of care, and promptly unloaded and scanned under a 70,000 square foot canopy, so there’s no exposure to weather conditions.

Our live customer portal allows you to manage your stock levels from anywhere in the world in real time. From product enquiries to tailored reports, we have it covered and at your fingertips.

Our warehousing services include:

  • Bulk, racked & contracted warehousing
  • Wet & dry bonded warehousing
  • COMAH storage
  • Long-term or seasonal storage
  • Tailored solutions to suit your needs


International Delivery

International Delivery

Professional Warehousing

Professional Warehousing

Next Day UK Delivery

Next Day UK Delivery

High Quality & Servicing

High Quality & Servicing

Bulk warehousing

Our bulk warehousing offers 500,000 square feet of tailored stacking and storage solutions, with all stock controlled by our highly sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Our warehouse storage is supported by our dedicated account management service. As soon as your bulk stock is unloaded, your account manager enters all the details to our WMS, which transmits to our hand-held computers. This tells our trained and experienced warehouse staff exactly where your stock is to be stored. Once your stock is safely in place, this is logged onto the hand-held computer and your pallets will stay here until we’re instructed to pick and despatch.

To find out more about our bulk warehousing contact us on

0161 873 7355

Racked warehousing

With up to 30,000 fully boarded racked pallet locations to increase safety and minimise stock losses, our racked warehouse facility is perfect for your stock.

We bar code each storage location, so our stock put-away, handling and control is seamless and highly efficient. Our technology allows us to quality check and monitor the movement of your stock from the minute it enters our storage warehouse.

Our systems allow us to monitor the movements of your stock in real time, resulting in a highly efficient and cost-effective warehousing solution.

  • BRC and Excise approved storage facilities
  • Fully integrated WMS
  • 70,000 square foot covered loading and unloading area
  • Real-time monitoring of put away and picking
  • Realistic KPIs


Stock arrivals and storage

As soon as your dedicated account manager is notified of your stock arriving, they will let our warehouse staff know. When we unload a delivery, we do more than just put the goods onto pallets. We train our staff to look for the same quality as you would if you were on site, only passing the best to ensure high standards for you and your customers.

For each load that arrives at our warehouse facility, we follow the same, stringent process to ensure safe handling, storage and quality of your stock.

  1. Check quality and record any anomalies.
  2. Enter all stock onto our WMS which we can configure to receive stock using bar code labels already on the pallet, including sscc. 
  3. Apply labels to your stock and check quality again.
  4. Hand-held computer notifies warehouse staff where stock is going.
  5. Warehouse staff scan the pallet and location.
  6. System generates a report to confirm all stock is correctly located.


Stock picking and despatch

When it comes to your stock picking and despatch from our storage warehouse, you can be confident in the ability of our experienced warehouse staff and our stock-tracking technology.

Our advanced WMS allows our staff to pick and pack accurately and efficiently. This includes an inventory programme so, for each item our warehouse staff pick, they have to enter a residual balance. This makes sure they pick the right quantity and leave the right amount where it is. Again, we apply and follow a stringent process to ensure the efficient and safe handling of your stock.

  1. Auto allocation of stock following specific rotation pick rules
  2. RF tracking of order progress and stock selection
  3. Order status change on completion including any discrepancy notifications
  4. RF loading and Admin managed despatch

For all of our racked warehousing services, we agree and set daily, weekly and monthly KPIs. We’re extremely proud of the fact that, due to our commitment to exceptional service levels, we regularly exceed these expectations. 

To find out more about our Stock picking and despatch contact us on

0161 873 7355

Contract warehousing

Bespoke, dedicated and flexible, our contract warehousing services offer 100% open book solutions for blue chip customers. These warehousing solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and we’ll handle it all – from finding the right storage location to management and IT.

Once we understand your exact requirements, we’ll find the ideal storage facility for you, by location, size and how long you need it for. Then we’ll put management and IT into place. We can adjust our IT system to make sure we produce all the reports you need, without deflecting from our core systems. We’ll also adopt your own, unique QA requirements, alongside our existing systems. The flexibility available within our contract warehousing service makes this a truly bespoke offering, designed to meet your needs, however diverse and specific they may be.

We’re already going above and beyond for our existing customers:

  • 200,000 square feet of warehousing.
  • 20,000 high bay racked locations.
  • Individual receiving and order collation aisles.
  • Dust-free dock-level loading bays.
  • Order build zones.
  • Our WMS provides stock statuses including freeze and release, quarantine, blocked and held.
  • 24/7 functioning.

We’re able to manage Excise and Revenue controlled operations – from eight pallets to 18,000. Operating 24/7, we’ll adopt your Warehouse Management System, making sure our staff are trained on it and we’ll fully manage all your stock levels and movements, to meet any audit requirements.

To find out more about our bespoke contract warehousing contact us on

0161 873 7355

Group Warehousing

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