Our Values

The vision of Kinaxia Logistics is to build a flexible and efficient, service-focused transport and warehousing group.

As a leading UK logistics group Kinaxia maintains the local identity of companies that join the group but implements common systems and processes at an operational level.

As a result, Kinaxia companies work together with a core purpose of enhancing customer service and increasing efficiency, so it is important that we have a set of core values that capture how we operate.

Our STAR Values: 

SAFE – Safety first every time. We take great care of each other, our customers and the environment in everything we do.

TALENTED – We actively encourage our teams to be agile, creative and efficient. We are constantly developing our talent.

ATTENTIVE- We actively listen to our colleagues and customer’s needs and work together as part of a family.

RELIABLE- We can be trusted and relied upon to deliver a consistent World–Class-Local service every time.