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general 7 September 2017

The UK Road Haulage Association (RHA) are running their third annual National Lorry Week, which will be taking place 11th-16th September 2017.

The aim of the RHA's #LoveTheLorry campaign is to promote the haulage industry to schools, communities and colleges so that as a collective the industry can attract the next generation of workers.

According to the RHA, the road haulage and logistics sector is the fifth largest industry in the UK, employing 1.8m people with a collective turnover in excess of £78 billion.

It is responsible for the movement of 85% of goods in the UK, and without it the economy would grind to a halt, affecting every single element of the supply chain.

However, despite projected rapid growth in the road haulage and logistics sector, there is an intrinsic lack of young talent being attracted to the industry, which is the driving force behind the Love The Lorry campaign.

Kinaxia Logistics have eight businesses currently in the Group, and we are proud to support this initiative.

As an industry, we need to raise the profile of the industry and the various jobs available within it.

At Kinaxia we have over 1,000 staff with a total turnover of £ 95 million/year. We operate 600 vehicles and have 925,000 square foot of warehouse space.

There are a whole team of people that ensure our businesses run smoothly, so we are fully supportive of wanting to show that the industry is Not Just About The Truck.

To take a look at some of the jobs in the industry, click here to look at the overview the RHA's overview of jobs in the sector.

Click here for more information from the RHA.

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