Q&A with David Hathaway's Managing Director

general 20 June 2019

We speak to Matthew Hathaway about his experience of the industry, and what joining the Kinaxia group means to him…

Driving quality since 1969. Entrepreneurial David Hathaway started his business as a coal merchant. After a period, Hathaway purchased a tipper lorry to collect the coal from the Collieries to ensure he could get the quality of coal desired. This led to the purchase of a fleet of a dozen vehicles, working both on bulk haulage and for the quarries on the Somerset moors. The business evolved.

Branching out its logistics remit in 1982 when David was asked by a friend if he would be interested in 7.5t curtain siders. This was to deliver car mirrors to the Rover Plants in Oxford and Birmingham. Modest beginnings driven by a passion to succeed has led to a fleet of 60 vehicles and over 120 full-time employees. This has enabled David to hand the operational reins to son Matthew.

Fresh from the school gates in 1986, Matthew has climbed the ranks from HGV driver to Managing Director. Learning all aspects of the operation from the ground up. We speak to Matthew, below, about his experience of the industry, and what joining the Kinaxia group means to him…

Did you always intend to follow your Father’s footsteps into logistics?

Yes, very much so! When the business was started, it was partly down to my fascination with trucks as a kid. I never ever considered doing anything else and started going to work from about 14 after school every evening to help out. I even told my careers officer at school that he was wasting his time!

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

The daily challenge to do the best you can for the staff you employ as well as the clients.

Tell us about what David Hathaway means to you?

Put it this way, I am not sure who comes second and third in my life, my wife or my 4 beautiful daughters!

This business has been my main focus in life since I was very young, and to be able to help my father build the business has meant everything to me.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the service David Hathaway offers?

We offer a national and regional distribution service for our customers and partners, a single pallet to multiple full loads.

What has been your biggest career achievement to date, and why?

Developing my family business to a stage where it became attractive enough for Kinaxia to acquire.

What made you choose to become part of the Kinaxia family?

Our business had reached a level where it was proving difficult to move it to the next stage as a standalone company. Along with the opportunity to allow my father to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, becoming part of the Kinaxia family was the perfect outcome for all of my family and most importantly, to enable the business to flourish going forward.

If you could sum up the spirit of David Hathaway in 3 words, what would they be?

Passion, Quality & Commitment

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