Kinaxia Collaborates with Signagelive to Engage with Employees

general 16 June 2020

Kinaxia Logistics and Signagelive have collaborated during lockdown to engage with employees.

As lockdown began in March with Covid-19, many employers had to reduce the number of staff in the workplace to reduce the chance of infection. Due to this, Signagelive reached out to Kinaxia, a cloud-based digital signage platform which helped us circulate communications through video. This platform is used mainly for centralising digital signage that is on screens across offices, entrances and boardrooms, but as the people in these spaces are now limited, it was an opportunity to use this to communicate with those at home. As 93% of homes in the UK have access to the internet, this means our employees are likely to view our communications, as well as through email too.

Every Friday, a weekly update from Simon Hobbs (CEO) is sent out to all employees, whether working or on furlough, which provides an update of the business during this uncertain time. However, sending emails makes it difficult to track how many people have opened and read. When circulating a general update via Signagelive, this meant that we knew how many had engaged with or viewed the YouTube video,  over 18% of employees in a couple of days viewed, which is excellent in marketing terms as over 2% engagement is seen as very good (Aamplify).

As employees begin to return to the offices when lockdown has eased, communications using Signagelive will be shown on screens across the group. Our weekly update may continue too, sent via email to reduce the amount of paper waste and our monthly newsletters too. Overall, communications during the UK’s lockdown has been impacted, but platforms such as Signagelive, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have made it easier and more efficient to communicate in a move to digital during these unprecedented times.

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