World Bike Day 2019

Today is World Bicycle Day (3rd June). Biking can help to save lives, help to protect the environment and support poverty reduction. Today highlights this.

As cited by the World Health Organisation, biking is a great way of achieving greater health equity. The NHS guidelines state that people should endure at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. This includes biking. Furthermore, as the transport industry is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases, biking helps to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint.

Eleven of Kinaxia’s group companies are awarded by Fleet Operations Recognition Scheme (FORS). As part of being awarded by FORS, they have eLearning modules which are a mandatory requirement for all vehicle types. One safety eLearning module must be undertaken by drivers within the past 12 months.

One of these modules is cycle safety. As a driver, here are some points you can take in order to keep cyclists safe:

  • Expect to see cyclists and give them time and room
  • Regularly check mirrors for cyclists
  • Give cyclists plenty of room when overtaking
  • Do not drive into cycle lane and Advanced Stop Lines
  • Never overtake a cyclist and turn left quickly afterward.

Kinaxia is aligned with the Cycle Scheme available on the benefits platform. The Bike Scheme is a Government-backed initiative to encourage people to leave the car at home and bike to work instead. As a reward, there would be a reduction in the cost of travelling to work and also saving money in Tax and National Insurance (NI). This is done in conjunction with Halfords and the Independent Bike Shop network.

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