Kinaxia Logistics acquires David Hathaway Transport Ltd

general 3 May 2019

Kinaxia Logistics have announced the acquisition of Bristol-based, David Hathaway Transport Limited, marking their first south-west based purchase.

Kinaxia Logistics have announced the acquisition of Bristol-based, David Hathaway Transport Limited (DHTL). This marks Kinaxia's first South-West based purchase, strengthening the groups geographical footprint alongside: North West, North East Midlands, South, South East and East Anglian counterparts. DHTL operates from two sites (Yate, near Bristol and Royal Wooton Bassett, near Swindon), with a total warehouse capacity of around 190,000 sq. ft

Kinaxia Logistics was formed in 2012, with Kinaxia's first acquisition of Bay Freight Limited in Stalybridge, Cheshire. Now with the addition of DHTL, there are twelve companies obtained. All of these maintain their local identity but implement common systems and processes at operational level. This enhances customer service and increases efficiency.

Matthew Hathaway, MD David Hathaway Transport Limited, commented 'With my father wanting to retire, joining the Kinaxia group was a natural decision for DHTL. The Kinaxia strategy is one that we can truly identify with.

DHTL shares the same vision and aspirations as the rest of the Kinaxia Group companies. 'We are proud to be joining Kinaxia and look forward to develop additional services providing further opportunities for growth, whilst maintaining the values and strengths of the business that we have grown over the last 43 years.'

Kinaxia Logistics' Director, Peter Fields, stated: 'As we set out at the start, Kinaxia's strategy has been to acquire successful, professionally operated, service-focused, family-owned companies. Our purchase of David Hathaway Transport Limited to give us a foothold in the South-West, should not really come as a surprise to anyone. Our focus can now shift to developing the improved services and efficiencies that a broad-based national haulier can offer'.

Originally founded by David Hathaway, DHTL started in 1976 with one vehicle collecting bulk coal from South Wales. David grew this business until 1985 when he focused on developing the haulage business that formed what is the basis of DHTL today. As a family business, David's sons Matthew (Managing Director), James (Fleet and Warehousing Director) and Christopher (Quality Director) successively joined the business. Alongside Michelle Crocker (Finance Director), they form the core management team. Guided by David's original vision of providing excellent customer service, the business grew rapidly and now currently employ around 130 staff, with a fleet of 65 vehicles and 100 trailers.

Given its strategic location, DHTL is a member of the Palletforce, Palletline and PartnerLink pallet networks.

Peter Fields commented that all companies acquired stay within any networks they are aligned with originally. He promises that Kinaxia pose no threat to existing pallet networks and are committed to work in partnership with those networks. As Kinaxia Logistics grow larger the higher the benefits and the lower the risk presented to such networks. As it would be virtually impossible to move all companies into one single network.

He further states 'additionally, we also offer to provide benefits to all network members. This is through enhanced financial stability, increased growth rates and the possibility of sharing Kinaxia resources, optimising network costs and reducing potential caretaker costs'.

With acquiring DHTL, Kinaxia now have around 1,800 staff with a total pro-forma turnover of around £190 million/year. Operating 850 vehicles and 1.9 million sq. ft of warehouse space.

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