Kinaxia Delivers to Major UK Events

Logistics has always been an essential part of event management, growing in importance each season due to higher demand and expectations. The correct planning of events ensures happy customers, a positive association and increased likelihood of future attendance. Kinaxia is fully equipped to deliver all of the essentials needed for large events. Offering either rigid or artic loads, Kinaxia can cater to the load and delivery to the delivery of any item.

The logistics of an event are planned over a year in advance for large events. Pre-event planning includes managing suppliers to adhere to health and safety, risk assessments, contracts, insurances, permissions, and licenses. Avoiding any major compliance mishaps is essential.

Here are some big events across the UK that Kinaxia has delivered to, ensuring they lead to success:

Glastonbury Festival 2019

The world’s largest greenfield festival began on Wednesday (26th June).  Our Panic trucks have delivered 43 artic loads of portable toilets across seven days for a customer, Satellite Industries. This was a total of 850 standard toilets and 40 disabled toilets.

With an attendance of 135,000 people across 800 acres of land, the need for hygiene facilities is vital at the very least. It has been said there are 3,225 toilets of various kinds and enough toilet roll to stretch from London to Baghdad.

In 2010, a reservoir was built to cater for the increase in demand for water at the event, with 800 taps. From modest beginnings at an attendance of 1,500 and an entrance fee of £1 to 2,800 acts across 79 stages, Glastonbury is an annual milestone in British culture.

Anfield Stadium

AKW recently delivered the fundamental flooring to the first event in a decade at Anfield Stadium. This was to enable a stage build for a Take That concert that took place on 6th June. AKW delivered an overlay solution to cover the grassy football pitch. This was to adhere to health and safety requirements and increase the stadium capacity to cater for 50,000 attendees. Steeldeck Rentals stated ‘with AKW on board We Will Never Walk Alone’. The event was described by the band as “a night we’re not going to be able to forget”.

RHS Flower Shows

On 8th May 2019, our Panic trucks delivered to the Chelsea Flower Show. The Royal Horticultural Society was founded in 1804, promoting horticulture through flower spectacles. The first flower show in 1862 was staged in a single tent and made a profit of £88.

Our Panic trucks also carried 2 rigid loads on 18th and 21st June, to RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival in the borough of Richmond upon-Thames (South-West London). Both of these were rigid loads. The event begins on 2nd-7th July.

Spring Fair

Earlier this year, Panic also delivered items to the Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham. This was 3rd-7th February. The Spring Fair is a trade show of 2,500+ exhibitors and 56,000+ visitors, showcasing a wide range of stands including beauty and wellbeing, retail solutions and housewares.

As displayed above, Kinaxia’s group companies successfully deliver essentials to world-renowned event spaces, helping each event run according to plan. If you have any interest in partnering with Kinaxia for event deliveries or are interested in any other services provided (see below), contact: 01625 728 033

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