Foulger Transport chose Ford & Slater as exclusive parts supplier

general 22 November 2017

We recently chose to partner with Ford & Slater exclusively as our parts supplier, take a look at their recent article on our 10 year relationship and why we've decided to use them as our exclusive supplier:

Ford & Slater chosen as exclusive parts supplier by Foulger Transport

Ford & Slater has been chosen by warehousing and haulage specialists Foulger Transport to be the exclusive parts supplier for their 100-strong fleet of trucks and trailers delivered through genuine DAF parts and TRP all-make parts product lines.

As part of a continued dedication to providing customers with the highest levels of service, Ford & Slater conduct regular fleet review meetings to ensure they deliver the aftersales support and back-up that their customers' operation requires. It was during one of these meetings that Ford & Slater Group Parts General Manager, Matt Archer approached Foulger Transport with a customised TRP trailer parts offering.

Matt Archer, explained "We work closely with all our customers, taking care to understand their parts usage and stock requirements. Foulger Transport have a mixed fleet with a substantial trailer content, which meant our team could develop a true One Stop Shop to suit their needs".

"Alongside savings on parts pricing, our single-point invoicing option helps to reduce costly administration hours, while comprehensive Imprest Stocks allow Foulger Transport the benefit of minimum downtime."

Foulger Transport has been a customer of Ford and Slater for over 10 years - the DAF dealership having supplied over 80% of Foulger's fleet of trucks. It was this proven relationship that gave Foulger Transport the confidence to proceed with the sole-parts supplier opportunity.

Foulger Head of Fleet & Compliance, Rob Lewis, explained, "Our relationship with Ford & Slater's Norwich dealership has always been very good. Their DAF support services, outstanding customer care and quality vehicles mean we have never had the need to look elsewhere, so when approached with a TRP parts offering we were confident in their ability to provide it."

Ford & Slater has now been exclusive parts supplier for Foulger Transport for one year, during which time Head of Fleet & Compliance, Rob Lewis has noticed a number of improvements to his fleet.

Rob Lewis concluded, "With all our vehicle maintenance happening in-house, cost, admin and time savings are very important to us, to ensure that we stay on target, on budget and on time. By having everything in one place the entire process has been simplified considerably, with help from the easy-to-understand TRP parts manuals and remarkably good stock levels."

For more information and the full article visit the Ford & Slater website here:


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