Fridge freezer unit hire for all your event & emergency needs

general 26 March 2018

The ideal solution for events or refrigeration emergencies!

Got an event coming up? Are you catering for a wedding & require additional cold storage? Has your restaurant refrigeration broken down?

There are many uses for our modern refrigeration hire units which provide solutions for a variety of fridge / freezer requirements.

If you are looking to hire a fridge / freezer refrigeration trailer/unit, our range of temperature controlled hire units are the ideal solution for any catering event or emergency refrigeration requirement. Whether you are looking for short or long term hire, our mobile refrigeration units provide cost effective solutions to your needs.

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Our hire refrigeration unit service is the ideal choice when faced with events, extra catering work, large contracts or wedding/catering events that require more refrigerated storage than you currently have on hand, cutting the cost of modifications to your existing refrigeration. As an ideal choice in emergencies, our rapid response team can ensure your chilled goods are taken care of in the event your existing refrigeration lets you down.

Our range of temperature controlled refrigeration units & trailers offer a complete solution for any event or emergency requirement. Don’t allow your goods to go to waste, book one of our units and keep it cool!

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