A New Service for Emergency Refrigeration

general 18 April 2017

A new service from the Fresh Freight Group is now available for immediate order!

If you are faced with an emergency refrigeration requirement, our rapid response team can help.

Our range of emergency refrigeration services offer a rapid response to your refrigeration needs. Whether its short or long term hire required, we can ensure a reliable solution until your refrigeration is repaired and ready for use.

The emergency refrigeration we offer provides an ideal solution to restaurants, B&B’s, hotels, food producers, catering, shops, stores & more. Any one with a requirement to quickly store large amounts of chilled food can benefit from our dedicated refrigeration units available.

Don’t risk loosing thousands of pounds worth of food stock because your cold room or refrigeration units have broken down, contact Fresh Freight Group and benefit from our 24 hour response team.

For Rapid Response Telephone: 0191 491 0505

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