Monthly Fuel Surcharge - October 2016

general 25 October 2016

Important news about the price of diesel which might increase the cost of distribution.

Since April we have experienced an 11.4% increase in the cost of diesel. The figures and the graph below shows clearly how much the price of diesel has risen. We will keep updating the chart and we will display a monthly fuel surcharge figure as soon as a fuel surcharge is introduced.

How the fuel surcharge is calculated is detailed below.

Month Pence per litre
April 82.72
May 86.06
June 87.62
July 88.24
August 87.62
September 88.91
October (so far) 92.15

Fuel Surcharge calculation:

Our price for distribution are based on various costs the largest of which is diesel. Our prices are based on fuel costing no more than 90ppl. Should the price of fuel rise above 90ppl we reserve the right to introduce a fuel surcharge based on the following calculation. For every 3p increase over 90p we will charge 1% to cover the additional cost of diesel.

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