Fuel Costs and Surcharge Update - January 2017

general 24 January 2017

Since April last year we have experienced an 13.51% increase in the cost of diesel, as mentioned in our previous post Important news about the price of diesel which might increase the cost of distribution. The figures and the graph below shows clearly how much the price of diesel has risen.

Therefore, due to the increasing costs a fuel surcharge of 1.33% is now in operation and is being added to January invoices.

The average price of fuel purchased in January is currently 94.91ppl so we are most likely going to keep the surcharge the same 1.33% in February, despite the small fuel price increase.

Month Price per litre
April 82.72
May 86.06
June 87.62
July 88.24
August 87.62
September 88.91
October 92.33
November 91.07
December 94

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