Away Day Brings Apprentices Together

At Barton Hall in Kettering, on 4th-5th June, Kinaxia hosted an event for seventeen apprentices across the group, a valuable opportunity to learn about Kinaxia and an opportunity to build relationships.

Despite the rain, the first day consisted of team-building activities outdoors, focusing on communication and problem-solving.  Danny Robb & Jack Tinsley, apprentices from Mark Thompson respectively, said “the activities were in groups, so we interacted with each other” and the “tasks highlighted how important it is to identify one another’s strengths”.

The first day was followed by a networking event, Caitlin Roberts commented that she enjoyed the chance to “meet new people in the same position”. Kinaxia’s Director, Peter Fields, joined the apprentices for their evening meal, giving a talk about Kinaxia and how it works across the UK. Dan Gaffney said it was “especially nice to see Peter there”.

Peter Fields opened the second day, with an in-depth insight on the Kinaxia Group, its history and impressive vision moving forwards.

Jack Tinsley noted that it was “a very interesting presentation about the business, he spoke about what difference we intend to make in the transport world” and that “it was an eye-opener as to what to expect in the future”.

Following Peter’s inspiring presentation, the apprentices were challenged with another team building activity. The activity tested the skills learnt the day before, as apprentices were tasked with building a puzzle of their company. Caitlyn Roberts stated this task was beneficial in “learning more about Kinaxia and the other group companies”.

The day ended by explaining how the apprentices would work collectively in the future of Kinaxia. They were introduced to the various career paths that they could potentially explore. Jack Tinsley said it was interesting to learn “how much of a difference each of us could make in the future”.

Conclusively, all attendees thoroughly enjoyed their time at the event and are looking forward to progressing their career within the Kinaxia Group. “We really enjoyed ourselves”, commented Kiera Martin, who is in accounts and traffic, she wished to “thank the team for everything”. A great day was had by all and attendees are looking forward to next year’s event.

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