Warehousing - Investment

general 14 June 2017

With a shortage of Warehousing space across the UK, customers are spoiled for choice when looking for a storage solution. Here at AKW, we want to ensure we go above and beyond, and we are continually investing in our Warehouse to ensure we are the best on the market.

The market is constantly changing for FMCG companies and we want to ensure we evolve with it; continuously customising our approach to stay modern is at the forefront of everything we do. Gone are the days of dirty old dusty spaces where companies would shove a few overflow pallets; we strive to emulate and further exceed the blue-chip industries in house supply chain solutions, which has won us the loyalty of industry giants such as L’Oréal who rave of our ‘agility and willingness to be flexible’. Retaining such esteemed customers is definitely something we are proud of!

This thinking is what has propelled us to make a £250,000 investment in our Warehouse; despite having 780,000 square foot of prime real estate in Trafford Park already, that’s more than adequate, we’re always demanding more for ourselves and our customers. The investment has predominantly been directed towards additional racking, optimising our space efficiencies, as well as a new fleet of 16 state of the art FLT’s equipped with cutting edge technology aiming to improve safety and reduce environmental emissions.

Consumer fulfilment is another area we have heavily invested in; with the rise of the internet shopper, we want to ensure we have the capabilities to provide an end to end service for our customers, with the ability to pick and ship directly to the consumer. A massive investment in our warehousing IT system Delta means we now have the technological capabilities to do this; add a dash of people and a dollop of space (both of which we have in abundance), all we’re waiting for is the customer nod and we’re raring to go!

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