Top Logistics Strategies For Your Business

general 8 April 2018

It may come as a surprise to most that logistics play a critical part in retaining customers and attracting new ones. While most businesses focus on marketing strategies, product features and customer service, having a poorly constructed logistics framework can damage the opportunities of having a repeat customer.

Shipping experience is one of the factors that contribute the most when consumers decide if they will be purchasing from a brand again, and having a poor shipping experience reduces a buyer's trust and image of the business. To improve logistics strategies and ensure sustained growth, we have compiled some top tips for your business.

Outsource your supply chain.
What prevents most businesses from outsourcing their supply chain is the idea of not having full control over their logistics strategy, but this thinking hinders them from closing viable deals with third party companies who are ready to start long-term relationships. Additionally, these logistics companies may have more efficient procedures taken from years of experience in shipping that can provide more advantages for the business and its consumers. 

Ensure customer satisfaction.
This does not end on providing fast delivery. You also have to be transparent with any shipping changes, prices and conditions to prevent having frustrated customers. Note that customer satisfaction is important to keep your old consumers and ensure a consistent revenue stream, as it's harder to source new customers than retain your current ones.

Plan ahead.
Consider the factors that may affect your shipping schedule, such as holidays and specific laws, to prevent from halting your operations. Delays are unavoidable so creating back up plans to lessen the hassle should ensure seamless transactions. Implement cost-effective methods and ensure that processes are maximised to perform a hundred per cent, like guaranteeing supply vehicles are delivering full loads and keeping track of cost details to control expenses.

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