Social Supply Chain; The Digital Effect

general 8 May 2018

In recent years the speed and magnitude of change in the Supply Chain has been spectacular, with one of the most profound and influential movements being the stark jump into the digital age. We examine the effects of Social Media on the Supply Chain…

The prominence of ethics and brand transparency is ever increasing; customers want full exposure to the personality and values of a supplier to ensure complete compatibility, before even approaching a 3PL with a view to trading. Social Media is arguably the most valuable window to catching a preliminary glimpse of identity; if principles align, this can be the first step into closing the deal before a word is exchanged. Keeping ahead of the curve is vital; it’s much more beneficial to have a full set of visible and honest core values to entice multiple stakeholders, rather than yielding to corporate CSR demands and adopting values that aren’t necessarily intrinsic later down the line. Being aware of social impact and authenticity has become crucial, and the way this is projected on Social Media can be the key to unlocking lucrative relationships.

Content Marketing is decisive; statistics show that almost 50% of buyers devour at least 3 supplier articles before they’re willing to entertain a sales call. Social Media is one of the best free resources for the promotion of content providing disruptive commercial insight, so using the correct platforms wisely can reap significant rewards and is proven to increase website traffic by almost 8 times more than static content would.

Crowdsourcing has become a slightly risky strategy for some logistics suppliers when measuring the potential profitability against risk when acquiring a new customer; it’s not all about creditworthiness if the product if a ground-breaking new product is causing a stir with the masses. Social Media can be used to spot the likelihood of success of contemporary innovations, and a lot of suppliers are willing to stake the risk by measuring factors such as influencer marketing rather than credit history when taking on new accounts.

Social Media has also blown the lid from networking barriers; connecting with a world of opportunity is now literally at your fingertips, with practically no exertion required in making that first and often vital link. Industry discussion and debate can all take place online, with virtual collaboration and sharing effortlessly strengthening supplier and customer relations. 

Business to Business buying is no longer just rational, it’s a personal affair that’s being heavily moulded by the virtual world. If your business values are differentiating and promoted well, almost 70% of customers are willing to purchase at a higher price to achieve this concord. Being digitally progressive and visible is the absolutely essential ingredient in maintaining a commercial edge, but one that’s often unfortunately overlooked in the logistics industry.

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