Things To Remember When Shipping Parcels Internationally

general 8 January 2018

From an individual sending a gift to a loved one across the globe to a small business exporting product internationally, there are so many factors to consider when sending a parcel abroad and the prospect can be quite daunting. Here we have compiled a few things you need to remember to make sure you can get things done with only a simple and straightforward process.

Research the country's specific restrictions and regulations

Another important factor you have to take into consideration is a country's specific restrictions and regulations. Because every country has their own set of rules when it comes to importing goods, there may be items that whilst allowed to be sent within the UK, are on the no-go list for sending abroad. In addition to this, it is essential to complete and attach a customs declaration to the package whenever you are sending a parcel outside of the EU to avoid incurring major problems during the shipping process.

Understand international shipping costs

For you to avoid paying more than the actual price that you have to, it is vital to fully understand how much it will cost for you to ship your item internationally. Whilst there may be additional customs charges for you to pay depending on what you’re sending and its value, keep in mind to always to dig for deeper information and ask questions. You can also cut your shipping expenses when you explore your options such as deciding on the most cost-effective mode of shipment or comparing your courier choices.

Secure packaging

To ensure that your parcel will be sent safely and securely, make sure that the content is packed well to avoid even the slightest damage. Utilise bubble wraps, towels or blankets for fragile items and do not forget to give the service provider a gentle reminder to handle them with care. Also, use double walled cardboard boxes as these are ideal to withstand a good amount of weight and even a rough transit.

Don’t forget a return address

It is essential for you to include a return address on your parcel in cases where it cannot be delivered and needs to be returned to you as the sender. This is not just to ensure that you will not be charged for more but also will not cause you any kind of hassle.

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