Picking the Right Packaging for Your Product

general 8 January 2019

When making packaging decisions, businesses have more to consider than just looks. Be sure to get your packaging right so it is as memorable as the product itself.

Here are some important points to ensure your endeavour will be successful:

How much is your budget?

You need to know how much you want to spend so it will be easier for you to decide on materials. Natural fibres and glass may be visually appealing but they’re also expensive. Not to mention that they can get easily damaged. Food-grade cardboard and plastic are budget-friendly alternatives though they don’t look as good. Consider which would be well worth your money.

Will it travel well? 

Before finalising your design, take a look at the function. Your goods should be able to travel from point A to point B with minimal to no damage. While transport and logistics companies will aim to deliver your products carefully and accurately, flimsy packaging is pretty much worthless in the face of regular loading and despatch.

How big or small should it be?

Let’s say you have a product that comes in six different sizes. It’s possible to design only three different sized packages to accommodate them all if you’re economical with dimensions and savvy with design. This will save you both time and money, as well as ensure consistency throughout your products. All of this can boost your branding and market presence.

What’s your audience like?

Your target audience is the people who will bring you a profit so you want to ensure your packaging appeals to them in particular. For this, you will have to perform research on their needs and demographics. You have to realise that what could attract millennials may be overlooked when your audience is from the older generation—and vice versa.

How will people interact with it?

It doesn’t hurt to be creative with your design, but you must not forget about practicality. There’s little point in a package that looks great but is hard to figure out. This is especially true when you cater to children or seniors. If people experience difficulties in accessing a product, they may have second thoughts about buying more.

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