Why Ocean Freight Shipping Is The Answer

general 18 February 2018

Whilst delivering shipments internationally gives you the option to choose between air and ocean freight where both have their own advantages to offer, there are certain things you have to take into consideration to ensure you''ll find the perfect solution you require.

However, transportation by sea remains to be the most available and highly-preferred option in different industries. This is because of today's necessity for shipping bigger volumes of cargo that calls for a solution which will be able to accommodate huge amounts of goods into thousands of shipping containers at once. That said, ocean freight shipping provides advantages over the economy of scale and foreign trade, as well as the import and export of about 90% of the world's merchandise. 

Different types of ships used to carry ocean freight

For you to have a better understanding of the industry, read on to know more about the 
types of ships for cargo that are utilised the most:

  • Bulk Vessels- available in various sizes to suit commodities by bulk such as grain, iron ore and many more.
  • Breakbulk Vessels- contrary to a bulk vessel, this mode of ocean freight transportation can carry individually loaded goods such as timber, bagged cargo, etc.
  • Container Vessels- the most common mode of transportation for ocean freight shipments that can carry a range of different cargo, typically for containers being 20’, 40’ and 45’.
  • Ro-Ro Vessels- vessels that typically carry heavy machinery and automobiles or any kind of wheeled cargo.
  • Multi-Purpose Vessels- the most popular and versatile kind of vessels which can carry a combination of different types of cargo.
  • Crude Carriers- transports crude oil in either the Very Large Crude Carrier, also known as VLCC or ULCC which stands for the Ultra Large Crude Carrier.
  • Reefer Vessels- vessels that transport goods such as fish, meat and produce which needs to be temperature-controlled or frozen until they reach the destination.
  • Tanker Vessels- vessels that carry different types of liquids such as chemicals and oils.

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