Logistics: The Hidden Art

general 5 October 2018

When you think logistics, creativity and artistic flair are usually the last things that spring to mind. Due to the recent trend in upcycling however, logistics disposables have wheeled their way into a whole new genre.

What can be done with a dirty old wooden pallet I hear you cry? When you see something every day, it’s easy to miss the beauty and transformation potential, but you’d be surprised! One of the most prevalent pallet trends throughout the summer has been that of vertical gardens; back your pallet with a bit of mesh, pack in some soil and a few succulents and voila! You’ve created a piece of living art out of something traditionally unglamorous that transports your freight. Pallets left over? Stack some together and create some bespoke, on trend garden furniture! All it takes is a couple of treated pallets, a nail gun, creative vision and a few scatter cushions, and you can have a covetable reclaimed wood garden sofa that can comfortably seat four, at a snip of the cost it would be to purchase one. You can easily customise to the colour and style of your space with a lick of paint, and even add an extra pallet on the end to make a corner sofa if you’re feeling adventurous. Additional pallets can be used to make your own garden bar, easily assembled with a clever stacking arrangement.

If all that DIY has left you ‘tyred’, take a coffee break on a table made from an old HGV tyre! Top with a piece of perfectly cut glass, or even a pallet to continue the transport theme, and your very own DIY coffee table is born. If you’re more a beer fiend than a coffee drinker, stack a few tyres high and secure, add a topper of your choice, and you’ve got a perfect bar room perch table to enjoy a cold one at the end of a long day.

Safe to say you’d need a seat to enjoy your evening beverage from? Typically an instrument of safety, seatbelts are now being fashioned into futuristic but luxurious designer chairs, fetching some eye watering prices (rocketing after their debut in the blockbuster hit ‘The Hunger Games’).  Uniquely latticed over a metal frame, these pieces are undoubtedly a talking point for any transport enthusiast, but one probably best left to be woven by experts rather than budding DIY-ers.

Rustic pallet art is now adorning the walls of hipsters everywhere; one quick Etsy search can bring a myriad of attractive pieces with a pallet as their canvas. From elaborate murals to inspiring quotes, there’s an abundance of dazzling ways to reuse pallets to create something beautiful.

Upcycling may be highly fashionable, but it’s also a great way of reducing environmental waste and pollution. Creatively reusing disposables is a unique way of preventing excess materials being sent to landfill, and potentially a way of collaborating in the community to support small, local businesses in this arena who operate under the buy cheap, sell high model of upcycling furniture. It’s ethical, attractive and practical, as well as a stride towards environmental conservation. What’s not to love?

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