Know The Different Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

general 11 June 2018

Regardless of how small or big your business is, finding the right, functional and organised warehouse solutions for your goods and commodities requires you to select the correct storage system first.

 This will significantly depend on the type of industry you operate in, especially if your business moves thousands of units per day or requires a vast amount of space. To help you obtain a more definite understanding of this industry, read on to find out the different types of warehouse storage systems you can choose from.

  • Pallet Racking

Usually made out of wood, metal or plastic, pallet racking systems store inventory that is received in large boxes, typically placed with the help of a forklift or an automated mechanism. The different sub-categories of pallet racking include cantilever racking, carton-flow racking, double-deep racking, pallet live racking, drive-through racking, push back racking, mobile racking, drive-in racking, narrow aisle racking, vertical racking, high-bay racking, shuttle racking and coil racking.

  • Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are efficiently and strategically-placed wire cages, made of heavy-gauge steel that can be installed and torn down quickly and easily. This type of storage systems is typically used to secure important tools or merchandise the needs special protection.

  • Industrial Shelving

Typically designed for very particular storage requirements depending on specific industries which allows inventory to be clearly categorised for easier identification.

  • Industrial Boltless Shelving

A customisable shelving system that allows for assembly and disassembly to suit your business' warehouse needs.

  • Mezzanines

Mezzanines are basically a platform built on the warehouse floor space which provides another level of storage. These storage systems are often utilised in locations such as manufacturing plants and distribution centres.

  • Industrial Mezzanines

Industrial mezzanines allow you to acquire the space your business needs without the need of constructing a new building or moving to a new facility. It often stores gates, security cages, vertical lifts and many more.

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