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general 5 June 2018

From social influencers to technological ones, we examine how emerging trends are shaping the world of ecommerce…

The way consumers interact with online retailers has evolved interminably within the last decade; technology has advanced to enable shoppers to dictate things on their terms. Smartphone advancement means users can now carry their favourite brands in their pocket via apps, making brand presence practically a constant, and if subconscious inception isn’t enough, push notifications enable disruption throughout the day with spectacular offers and promos.

Optimisation of payment process means consumers no longer need to grab their purse to shop; smartphone fingerprint recognition allows users to access stored card details. Less steps in the thought process of traditional consumer purchasing, and less psychological connection to physically paying for something spells more spend for the retailers.  

Vendors now have the technology to collect a plethora of digital info via site traffic, electronically profiling customers and sending target advertisements specific to their requirements. Now it seems that users must only discuss an item to soon see a digital banner on every medium, marketing their exact wants.

Blockchain is an emerging demagogue of the ecommerce sector, with cryptocurrencies slowly trickling into the mainstream as an acceptable method of payment. Traditional digital wallet services such as PayPal are susceptible to becoming archaic with Blockchain technology allowing for easier to use and more secure user transactions, and essentially at a much lower cost. Not only a threat on disbursement, blockchain could reshape the supply-chain traceability options of present, with a complete transparent trail of the product which can’t be manipulated by any intermediary, leaving little margin for error or excuse. Although still fledgling, Blockchain is definitely one to watch.

Brand websites are no longer enough; a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all commands of the new age customer experience. To gain a competitive advantage, a witty and modern presence is required on all platforms, along with social influencer and celebrity endorsements to increase the uptake of particular products.  This modern marketing style has proven to be successful, with items slipped into influencer profiles so subtly that it’s hard to decipher what’s being promoted and what’s a legitimate piece of their lifestyle that buyers so crave. 95% of customers are more likely to trust a product recommended by a peer or role model, therefore although slightly disingenuous, strategy wise this is a clear ecommerce win.

Buyer assistance technology is becoming more and more advanced; connected Smartglasses may be the next on-the-go trend. Essentially wearable computers, these hands-free solutions enable the user to communicate with the internet in some cases using only voice commands. The future of purchasing could mean a small chat with your facial wear enables the delivery of your home shopping by merely orating your desires, and further eliminates any physical barriers to making that decisive transaction.

With such massive advancements, the aforementioned is only the tip of the influencer iceberg. The supply chain will be required to adapt quickly to the emerging trends that could easily brand the high street obsolescent…

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