AKW Rewards Double Decade Driver

general 21 February 2018

What better way to reward long serving Drivers than presenting them with a limited-edition scale replica of the vehicle they love?

This is exactly what AKW Group are doing to mark the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at recognising and rewarding long serving staff.

Dave Sells, pictured, has been driving for AKW approaching 20 years, and reflects fondly on the experience ‘I’ve worked for AKW since the year my twins were born; it’s been a massive part of my life, they have been like part of an extended family. I’m really pleased to be getting this model, I’ve had my eye on them since they came in!’

Motivating and engaging staff is a requisite of AKW’s operation; remaining competitive in an industry with an aging demographic is crucial to attract and retain new talent. AKW have committed to pushing reward and recognition boundaries with some novel new plans in the pipeline, as well as an industry leading training programme for unqualified drivers to enable them to obtain their HGV licences.

Julian Richards, MD comments ‘Drivers like Dave are the heart and soul of our business; they’re integral to what we do. I commend his dedication and would like to extend our gratitude for the great service he has provided over the years’.

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