AKW Patrolling for Parkinson’s!

general 11 July 2018

As temperatures soared, so did fundraising efforts as AKW Sales & Marketing team pounded the pavements in tribute to Tony Worthington at the Walk for Parkinson’s event in Dunham Massey Village on Sunday 8th July 2018, sponsored by AKW Global Logistics.

Despite the tremendous heatwave, walkers emerged in droves to walk the Trans Pennine Trail & Bridgewater Canal to raise money for degenerative disease, with total funds raised estimated to be close to £10,000.

A massive well done to everyone involved!

Parkinson’s Disease is often outwardly recognised by the characteristic body tremors, however actually carries a plethora of adverse unseen effects including cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety, speech issues, pain, fatigue, stiff & spasming muscles and much more. Chairman Tony’s personal struggles with the disease fuels the passion behind AKW’s CSR efforts and makes raising awareness so much more meaningful.

If you would like to get involved in fundraising for Parkinson’s UK, follow the link below to find an event near you! https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/get-involved/fundraising

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