Continuous Improvement Isn’t Fleeting – AKW Global Logistics Invest 5 Million into Scania Fleet

general 5 March 2018

A veracious attitude to continuous improvement has always been AKW’s strongpoint. The leading Northern transport company has recently displayed this dedication with its 5-million investment into a new, top of the range Scania fleet.

The S series model, described as ‘magnificent and majestic’ will be the preferred beast of the 3PL firm for long-distance loads, boasting complete reliability; you’re as likely to find gold at the end of a rainbow as you are to find one broken down!

As well as the enduring S series, the stunning R series model has been chosen for mid distance loads, ensuring service is consistent and efficient no matter what the journey. Driver and load safety optimisation has been paramount in the build of both models, as well as their strikingly refined aerodynamics which Scania claim will cut fuel consumption by 5%.

Dave Cork, Operations Manager, explains: ‘Our relationship with Scania has been long and loyal; the evolution of their vehicles has been astounding. In my opinion, you can’t get any better. These high-spec models are absolutely perfect for us and attract the most talented drivers wanting to operate the finest trucks in the market’.

Look out for them cascading onto the roads between Summer 2018 and early 2019!

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