AKW Global Logistics Brings Clean Water to Africa

general 12 April 2018

At AKW philanthropic philosophy is embedded deeply into our core, and we’re delighted to announce, in collaboration with AquAid, we’ve been able to support the installation of a water pump in an African village, where clean fresh drinking water would be otherwise unobtainable.

The dedicated well, or 'Elephant Pump' (pictured) has been installed by The Africa Trust, who’s mission is to bring sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa. Since the early 90’s, the trust has established over 5000 of these wells, based on an age old Chinese rope pulley system, improving the basic quality of life across third world communities.

Marketing Executive Laura Hall concludes, ‘We’re absolutely delighted that, through being CSR conscious in our supplier selection and supporting charitable efforts in affiliation with AquAid, we’ve been able to increase awareness about the incredible work that The Africa Trust does and actually help change people’s lives for the better. It’s astounding that one in nine people around the world aren’t fortunate enough to have an accessible clean water supply, and we’re so proud we’ve been able to contribute towards improving this statistic’.

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