A Revolution: Diversity & Inclusion in Logistics

general 19 July 2018

In such progressive times, it’s integral that the logistics industry takes careful consideration to Diversity & Inclusion in their recruitment processes. We’re taking a look at what areas the 3PL industry needs to focus on, and the benefits a diverse personnel profile can bring…

The more diverse a workforce is, the broader the acumens you gain, and this can be crucial to uncovering new insights and innovation. Without change and diversification, growth is stunted, and differentiation is seldom achieved. Improving the diversity profile of a business undoubtedly aids in attaining competitive advantage, but where should the focus be?

It’s arguably gender diversity that is the main area logistics companies fall short; traditionally viewed as an ‘old boys club’, it’s difficult to change the perception that the industry is geared towards a male skillset, with key roles such as FLT operators and drivers being typically masculated, in turn making it tough to attract and retain talented women at all levels. According to logisticshandling.com, ‘Women account for just 22% of the logistics workforce in England, compared with 46% in other sectors, and women hold fewer than 10% of the managerial roles in Logistics.’ This statistic shows shocking disparity between the gender profile of the industry, proving there’s a long way to go before equality is achieved.

One way of enticing a more diverse talent pool is being vocal about equality in a socially relevant manner, making your position clear via mediums such as your business website and social media. Ensuring you include a strong equality statement in your recruitment advertisements can help break down subconscious barriers of often peripheralised individuals.

Embedding D&I into business culture at a strategic level is vital to prevent unconscious bias in the selection process. It’s so important that managers understand that this is an infinite issue for which we must all take responsibility, rather than an obligatory policy to follow or a tick in a HR box.

Bringing not only fresh perspectives and competitive advantage, trailblazing D&I in a slightly regressive industry can bring about massive benefits reputationally and synergise with the stance of the key customers most third-party logistics providers wish to attract and retain.

AKW Global Logistics are an equal opportunities employer and are extremely proud to be a company that takes proactive steps towards diversity and inclusion. If you’re interested in a career with us, check out our current vacancies in Warehousing, Transport, Contract Packing and Support Functions by clicking the following link: https://www.akwgloballogistics.co.uk/careers/

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