AKW aids water in Africa with AquAid

general 29 April 2019

Following World Water Day 2019 (22nd March), Kinaxia explore how our AKW depots help with this cause.

Following World Water Day 2019 (22nd March), Kinaxia explore how our AKW depots help with this cause. World Water Day is ran by the UN, tackling reasons as to why so many people in the world are still living without clean water. The UN's 'goal 6' is to have water for all people by 2030.

Our AKW depots have water coolers from AquAid. This means, we gave money to build a water well for those in need. AquAid have established over 5000 of these wells since the early 1990s. Our Elephant Pump is in the Zimbabwean province; Manicaland. This is located in the north-eastern highlands. Zimbabwe is in the southern area of Africa, neighbouring Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.


Locals with AKW water well in Zimbabwe


Here are some facts about how the pump helps the community:

  • An Elephant Pump can easily provide safe drinking water for upwards of 300 people for decades.


  • Average output is around 10, 000 litres per day.


  • Having a pump built means the community no longer need to walk for (an average of 7) miles daily. This work is usually performed by the women or children in the household.


  • With water on site, this allows the community to collect clean drinking water and  water for productive use every day. This is for: bathing, washing, growing produce, watering livestock.


  • The people in the community are better hydrated, in the case of the children, they will also now have more time available to attend school. This means the likelihood of a better education.


  • Elephant Pumps are built by an experienced Africa Trust team leader. Also, with the assistance of the local community, using more readily and locally available materials. This allows the community to repair the pump more easily, should they need to. This in turn extends the life of the pump exponentially.


If you would like more information on the work AquAid does go to: www.aquaidwatercoolers.co.uk

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